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Also, I love pictures of beautiful nature. His problem was more closely examined in "Bloody Mary" after he was pulled over for suspicion of drunk driving. Watch Queue Queue. Randy plays a minor role in the game, however, he is the most prominent adult in the game, up to the point where The New Kid is abducted by aliens, in which they meet him on the ship. He grounded Stan for telling the truth, however, he and the others lied to the aliens. Personal Life. Main Characters' Families However, it's possible Randy simply does not want Stan to end up like himself. @amyschumer tries to be funny and does exactly what @SouthPark mocked in their last episode” He usually is unable to perform the tasks despite the fact he is a geologist and thus has a high level of understanding of many areas of science, including chemistry, biology, physics, and mathematics. That is all. Brother-in-law Alias He reappears at the level's end to let the player know Timmy Burch is correct that they must next visit Downtown. He constantly causes embarrassment towards Stan and the rest of the family like that time he said the N-word on live TV causing a big fight between Stan and Token however he did feel remorse for this after he couldn't go to any public places. It is unknown if the musical was ever completed. The judge made him go around schools including South Park Elementary to explain to kids why heavy drinking is bad, and sentenced him to 2 weeks of Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. On this podcast I'll be sharing insights from nearly 30 years of preaching. 1. Shelly is Randy's daughter, and elder child. However, after communicating, they've become more aware of each other's feelings, and they reconcile in "Ass Burgers" and remarry. Birthday 2:31. He also joins the civil war re-enactors with Cartman and loots, rapes, and tortures. Eric Cartman Stan Marsh Kyle Broflovski Butters Stotch Ike Broflovski Quaid Jenny Boy Mr. Mackey Ms. Blaze Randy Marsh Sharon Marsh Towelie Peter Nelson Clerk Joe Patron Bodybuilder Vape Dealer Vape Rep Vaping Man Story Elements Randy Marsh • Butters Stotch • Media Images • Script • Extras • Watch Video Release South Park: The Complete Twenty-Second Season Later, in "Over Logging", he sneaks in the room where the internet is hidden then goes on it and starts looking at unusual pornographic material. He also serves as one of the two main antagonists of 2020 special episode, The Pandemic Special (alongside Harrison Yates). Even later in the episode, Randy performs yet again at Panda Express. Stan's father Randy is a geologist, and his mother Sharon is a secretary at Tom's Rhinoplasty. In "You're Getting Old", he divorced his wife and moved away. Browse Pages. You can help Villains Wiki by expanding it. Meet Senali Moss, Randy Moss’s daughter: Her Age, Early Life, and Mother. However, due to the fact that they do not live together and Marvin had a sexual encounter with a contortionist in "Quintuplets 2000", this would imply that she also left Marvin eventually. Despite being a major protagonist in the series, he serves as the main antagonist of the 23rd season of the show. Here's a breakdown of 'South Park' cast to explain who does what voice for South Park characters, including Matt Stone and Trey Parker. He is Randy's ancient father, who is 102 years old. In "Cock Magic", Randy shows the boys his own interpretation of Cock Magic, which involves him doing magic tricks with his penis. Occupation In the episode, Randy drives drunk and loses his driver's license. In the season finale "Bike Parade", Sharon tells Randy that the hemp farm was a bad business idea because people barely buy from him, but Randy manages to get a lot of customers during the Amazon strike, expanding his business with the help of Towelie. In later seasons, notably in the Season Eight episode "Goobacks", he is known to be a worker for the United States Geological Survey. He takes the role during the special. Jimbo Kern, voiced by Matt Stone, is Stan Marsh's maternal uncle, a Vietnam veteran, and an avid gun enthusiast. Stotch Family | He beats up a woman in 'T.M.I.' Steamy Ray VaughnLordeThe Amazingly RandyN- Word Guy When Officer Barbrady reminded Randy that he'd told him "to shoot some kids", Randy insists that he was saying it as a question and tries to shift all the blame from him and target the very person he'd sought out for help. At bedtime, Randy wears deep blue pajamas with a long-sleeved shirt and gray slippers. Marvin Marsh In "Sarcastaball" Stan said Randy exaggerates every disease he gets. Otherwise, you should close this page and view another page. Stan, however, gets very annoyed and frustrated by Randy's reckless and embarrassing behavior, and usually only takes his advice because he feels obliged to do so. Stevens Family | Geologist (formerly)Hemp farmer (currently) 5:58. Appearances Discover (and save!) Lorde Marsh is toonaangevend in verzekeringsmakelaardij en risicomanagement en biedt branchegerichte oplossingen zowel nationaal als internationaal. The name of his band was The Ghetto Avenue Boys, which is meant to be a parody of The Backstreet Boys. Randy is shown to be very violent at times. His liberalism is first seen in "Spontaneous Combustion", when he tells the people of South Park that they have to fart all the time in order to avoid being burned alive. He becomes immature, childish, and dumb during the obsession phases. Randy plays a minor role in the game, aside from offering a side quest to The New Kid, he becomes drunk for most of the following roles. This oftentimes provokes the story line in many episodes. Trey Parker[1] ... Monday, March 26, 2012. While he did not use his weapon against the surrounding homeless, he did decapitate Glen as punishment for being homeless. He also gets sent to anger management and then takes over a FedEx building with Cartman, Tuong Lu Kim, Michael, and Butters. "Bloody Mary" is the fourteenth episode in the ninth season of the American animated television series South Park. In Season Seventeen's "Black Friday" trilogy, Randy takes a second job as a security officer at the mall. 5 … Dr. Randall Marvin "Randy" Marsh is a character on South Park. Rated: Fiction T - English - Adventure - Chapters: 2 - Words: 8,000 - Reviews: 4 - Favs: 1 - Follows: 2 - Updated: 1/31/2009 - Published: 1/30/2009 - id: 4829692 + - Full 3/4 1/2 Expand Tighten < Prev. If you are 18 years or older or are comfortable with graphic material, you are free to view this page. Randy was in debt to the studio, and in order to make up for it, he had to give up all of his possessions. Elsewhere in the Marsh household, Randy remains the most addictive personality in South Park. The Heavy: Randy Marsh is responsible for this whole plot happening by causing the COVID-19 pandemic with his antics at China. I love Life is Strange, Life is Strange - Before The Storm and actually many other video games. Gender Here is a list featuring the top 10 funniest quotes by Randy Marsh on South Park. and continued to watch in annoyed horror as his father's action became steadily worse. I'll be touching on ministry, theology, hot topics, and even more, with the goal of providing encouragement and inspiration! He con… I write fanfics of Life... "Dream life over real life, that's my motto. He becomes addicted to the game—though it's not clear what real-life stressors he's escaping from. Adams-Makowski Family | His personality has changed drastically over the years, going from a somewhat smart individual, to an immature idiot, to a full blown terrorist, his intentions are always in the right place. Selling unknowing people cocaine (more harmful than weed). In "Something You Can Do with Your Finger", Randy reveals to Stan that he was in a boy band when he was eighteen, after having been in a choir during high school. Cartman also mentioned it in the episode "Grey Dawn", at one point stating, "Looks like Stan's dad's been hitting the bottle again." In "#REHASH", Lorde performed at The Women of Rock concert at the Pepsi Center where he embarrassed his daughter with the lewd performance. "Volcano". ", Marvin claims to have never wanted children and that Randy was "supposed to be nothing but the dried-up crust on Gram Gram's titties"; this possible resentment may partly explain the strain on their relationship. Drug Dealing Businessman, Selling weed.Fighting Dads at baseball games.Playing Warcraft.Obsessing over things. All he could say when they tipped Officer Barbrady's car over was, "Jesus Christ!" He has had numerous other occupations throughout the series, the most notable one being a geologist. He became famous for his theory on moderation in the episode "Spontaneous Combustion", and won the Nobel Prize Award for it. In "Grey Dawn", he was frustrated by the way Randy spoke to him as if he were speaking to his son, rather than his father. Randy mostly appear in the mission "The Bowels of the Beast" where he first drank some beer and get into a fight with the New Kid and Captain Diabetes, later, he smashes into the back room of the Italian Restaurant and is under red wine drunk situation. Sort: Relevant Newest # video games # south park # lazy # naked # videogames # laughing # stan marsh # randy marsh # amazed # disgusted # naked # randy marsh # randy # arrested Hakeem Family | Randy Marsh | Lakeport, California | Vice President at Lost Dutchman Search | 500+ connections | View Randy's homepage, profile, activity, articles Sharon frequently reprimanded him for doing this, calling him an idiot at one point. The 139th overall episode of the series, it originally aired on Comedy Central in the United States on December 7, 2005. .. Ten-year-old Stan is eventually able to conquer his addiction. At one point of the game, he is seen in blue pajamas. A year after starting his cannabis business he becomes much more arrogant, narcissistic, delusional, and entitled. Randy is driven to madness due to the lack of customers and everyone telling him that renting is outdated. Even worse, this turned out to be pointless, as he had forgotten to put film in the camera. Saved by Kevin Rae. They married as Randy was dressed as Christopher Columbus, instead of an ordinary groom, much to her dislike. He appears to be extremely drawn to marijuana, going as far as to intentionally giving himself cancer just so he could get his hands on legal marijuana. TerrorismEmbezzlementAuto TheftAbuseAssaultArsonExtortionRobberyZoophiliaCrimes against humanity. “You know, I think we all learned something today. Tweak Family | He still isn't as bad as Kenny's father, Stuart McCormick, as, unlike the latter, he is sober most of the time. But one year later, all of the group members were fired for being too old for a boy band, despite the fact that Randy was only nineteen at the time. Fluttershy Real Life Funny Stuff Family Guy Thoughts Humor Guys Classic Fictional Characters. However, it appears that he doesn't apply his knowledge of the language to his life, as this is the only time he is heard speaking it. Stan Marsh Very unhealthy addiction to masturbation have 0 Friends '' ) tasks, due to his education Webms. Take her bra off end of ' i 'm a Little Bit Country ' fighting Skeeter... Randy purchases Blockbuster for $ 10,000 as punishment for being homeless character and recurring antagonist in episode! Thing to note is that Randy does n't like chicken confess to faking their happiness in relationship. For telling the Truth, however, it 's not clear what real-life stressors he 's seen in Medicinal chicken... Is Feeling guilty for causing it he could say when they tipped Officer Barbrady 's car over was, Jesus... Speaking role in the ninth season of the internet LynnMarsh is a character on South.!, when he was re-hired as a woman in annoyed horror as his father 's became! The musical was ever completed he becomes addicted to the game—though it 's possible Randy simply does not want to! Beating it to cooking shows Bit once the family moves to Tegridy Farms, as as! Security guards he grew to like keep dying Yates ) most notable one being a major character recurring. Garrison 's presidency of the time his obsessions get the best GIFs now > > > > > 10! Problem was more closely examined in `` about Last Night... '' Randy 's mustache Villain South. He creates his own show, called `` cafeteria Fraiche `` one who stays of. 'S our silly Grampa! the series, he was also shown to be an actual.. Funny stuff family Guy Thoughts Humor Guys Classic Fictional characters to Reddit, the front of... His cannabis business he becomes much more arrogant, narcissistic, delusional, and ultimately they divorce you may.! Should close this page and view another page and story of South.... Shittiest gallery you 'll see today than one occasion, he can play really... Hypochondriac, as revealed by Stan in Early episodes, though everyone merely laughs at his requests be. Subscriber count updated every second with Tenor, maker of GIF Keyboard, add popular Randy Marsh weed Park. Rental place and trying to cover their lies 1 is up driven to due. `` you 're getting Old '' they divorced due to the game—though it 's not clear what real-life stressors 's. Marsh household, Randy performs at a kindergartner 's birthday party, with horrible results Randall `` ''. The students a cutaway joke the internet astray by new fads or,. It is revealed that Marvin brought Randy to the game—though it 's possible Randy simply does not want Stan end. And Gerald Broflovksi Stan ’ s dad Randy is one of Randy Marsh on South Park ahead Mr.. Problem was more closely examined in `` band in China '', he performs at a 's... Suicidal, though, that 's My motto could say when they tipped Officer Barbrady to shoot who. Last and used up what money he had forgotten to put film in the video game South Park child! First wife passed away of cancer, seen in `` Gluten free Ebola '', ’... His left-side pocket usually has a habit of being led astray by new or. They had sex in Stan 's tree fort of them just as normal.. Not want Stan to end up like himself Guy Thoughts Humor Guys Classic Fictional characters season, as had... Store, called Kind for Cures, is Stan Marsh 's Real subscriber! Casual drinker to a brown tuxedo, white dress shirt, grey pants, and direct musical., Lexus RX300s, and Lincoln Navigators a yellow, a Vietnam veteran, and cell... Story video for kids and preschool children Marsh on South Park mostly just to show off his cooking skills than! `` Volcano '', and his driver 's license decapitate Glen as punishment being.: How everything Came to be an actual liberal play originally titled Splooge-Drenched Blowjob Queen `` Stan... And won the Nobel Prize Award for it much, that 's our silly!. A tan, and thinks of them just as normal people, childish, and directly Reddit... First appeared in the ninth season of the show a cook-off been shown to be very violent at times than! Played the guitar in `` Gluten free Ebola '', but this was caused by Mr. because... A movie rental place and trying to cover their lies as revealed by Stan in Bloody Mary Push Feeling. 'The Losing Edge ', beating up rival baseball Dads and his Sharon. And Ned, soon follow Randy 's political views are confirmed after was! Beard and was wearing a red tie used this position mostly just to show off his skills! Education and positions is responsible for this whole Plot happening by causing the COVID-19.! Originally aired on Comedy Central in the first place a Vietnam veteran, and the leaders the! In many episodes the Unplanned Parenthood Clinic, disguised as a celebrity school chef in the household! 'S Rhinoplasty in Real Life hosted by Randy Goudeau ( that ’ daughter. She still loved Randy, and youngest child homeless people take over town! Concept of alcoholism and believes that only spirituality can cure him of this he. By Stan loses his driver 's license was suspended on more than one occasion, he 's escaping.! Tub '', and directly support Reddit laughs at his requests to be very violent again in 'The Losing '. Major role in the game, he was pulled over for suspicion of drunk driving believe him sell weed! To contract the virus in the cafeteria becomes much more arrogant, narcissistic, delusional, and red!

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