how to drain grease from ground beef

This does not take all of the grease away, but it does leave some flavor instead of washing it in a collander. Dana White. She pours the beef into a strainer over the sink and begins to rinse it for, like, a while. Grease & Fat in Drainage Systems . Then it shows the user, from first-person view, opening a … You can drain it over your sink as well, but I would recommend running some hot water down the drain afterward to make sure the fat doesn’t cool and set up, clogging your drain. Grease is more viscous than water, so it collects at the surface of the dish. After cooking some burgers earlier I wondered, for the first time I think, if I should be saving and using the leftover grease. I see alot of posts about how to strain but nothing to discuss why you should/shouldn't strain and what you should do as an alternative if the grease must be used. So I've got a friend who makes many dishes involving hamburger but doesn't ever strain it. Whenever I attempt to drain cooked beef from a pan, it’s a hot mess. Add the onions halfway through and cook until softened. May 30, 2013 By Dana White Leave a Comment. A Slob Comes Clean is the completely honest (and never-ending) story of my deslobification process. Once your ground beef is completely cooked, you can drain it either in a colander either over a bowl to collect the fat or over your trash can. I would also rather use 90/10 and no other oil and sop up a tiny bit with a paper towel, to get the right consistency for my sauce, than add peanut oil or whatever. Its really funny how just plain ground beef on … Once you find new ways to cut down on fat, use it in different ways, and throw it away responsibly, you can rest assured that you’re preventing plumbing problems and treating your body, home, and budget better. Read Newer Post. Then I scoop it out and put it in a can. Ground beef in both places I’ve lived u. Iowa and Illinois use proportion of fat as a price determinator. The difference is the comes down to percentages of each of the fats in the given food. Best ground beef chili once upon a chef how to cook ground beef ultimate loaded ground beef and potatoes skillet simple ways to drain ground beef 11 one pot beef stroganoff recipe Simple Ways To Drain Ground Beef 11 S With PicturesSimple Ways To Drain Ground Beef 11 S With PicturesSimple Ways To Drain Ground… Read More » Ground beef contains just about all the same fats that are in non-animal foods. Add chicken broth and use a silicone spatula to clean the bottom of the pan. Place beef in colander over a large bowl. Stir to combine and cook for 3 minutes to remove raw flour taste. Using a slotted spoon, remove beef crumbles to a plate lined with 3 paper towels. Read Older Post Messy Kitchen Prep (And How I Deal With It): Ground Beef | Leave a Comment. The amount of fat that remains when you serve the beef depends entirely on how you prepare it. With a 70/30 ground beef you will be pouring grease off at the end but oil added at the beginning will help it cook a little more quickly. All that delicious grease literally goes down the drain. Rinse Browned Ground Beef to Remove Excess Fat. Will my 80/20 ground beef become 85/15, for example? Yet, when I cook ground beef, the worst thing for me is spooning out all the excess grease, … There are 2 options for draining. I remember my mom always had to drain ground beef when she would cook with it, but there's usually not a ton of grease left behind when I brown it, so I don't drain mine. When you add oil to the ground beef, essentially, you are adding a type of moisture that helps the ground beef to cook more thoroughly and quickly. I cover the grease with the included lid until it solidifies and then I can empty it into the trash. Awhile back, when I was eating 4% ground beef, I never noticed any grease. You can transfer the meat to a paper towel lined plate using a slotted spoon and then pour out the grease. Per capita beef consumption in the United States in 2003 was roughly 64.9 pounds, and a majority of that was ground beef. Finally, be sure to cook beef to an internal temperature of 160F and until the juices run clear,” she said. ennuisans | Feb 5, 2010 04:01 PM 37. Another technique my mother use to use, but only a few times, was to take a baster and remove the grease that way. Leftover grease is a reality in any kitchen, but it’s easy to reduce, reuse, or dispose of it without resorting to the drain. Nov 27, 2015 - Whenever I browned hamburger meat for tacos, spaghetti, or whatever, I used to take the meat out of the pan, transfer it to a strainer to drain the grease and then return it to the pan to finish cooking. I have found a better way. All that delicious grease literally goes down the drain. If you cook it and drain the grease, you are draining away some of the fat, thereby reducing the fat percentage of the cooked portion. The grease is added to a dish like Shepard's pie which to me just seems very gross. Use leaner beef or. I am extreme but we get fat from other things. Use a paper towel with the beef pushed to one side and the grease will pool where you can sop it up. Yes, the ratio refers to the uncooked meat. Pour very hot water (not boiling) over beef to rinse fat.

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