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Took a class here when I was young, and it’s been my favorite place in the world ever since. As a member of the marching band, most of my friends are close like family. Thanks! Quarter system moves fast, grades are less inflated than many other top schools, and people are usually involved in way too much. So I'll tell you shitty stuff. I'm ideally looking to match into a competitive IM residency program. Are the students close like family or distant? It's fast paced and endless waves of exams + gloomy winter combo can really make you question the meaning of life. Because Northwestern is so flexible, though, Northwestern still stayed as an ideal choice for that path as well. Often I think students are quick to buy into the quarter system and it’s honestly sooo fast paced and not what you expect. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Fitzgerald led Gary Barnett’s squad to a … I miss living in a world like that. Being a Northwestern Mutual financial advisor is no walk in the park. And with small class sizes in most majors - or the same people sticking around the large intro classes - you're bound to make study friends in no time. Over the last 25 years, the paradigm of the hard-nosed Northwestern linebacker is nothing new. But I think that if you find a good group of friends, the stress matters a lot less. Whether you're an alum, student, prospie, or generally interested in the 'Cats … - I wouldn't give up my experience at Northwestern for anything. the trick to doing well as a premed at northwestern is to do as well as possible in your manageable classes like calc and physics and gen chem. Hey all! Northwestern Mutual teaches you a good amount but the hardest part of the job is not what you know, but who you know, as a lot of the initial work revolves around getting your own client leads. You'll see future award winning actors, hear future top 5 orchestra musicians, etc. I never visited either, so that's not a big deal. I have come to believe that adcoms might be bitter about their postions after some time, much the way a 2nd grade teacher tires of teaching fractions after 20 years. The number of events and opportunities around is astounding. Also nice campus, good socially, big 10 sports, Greek life, near Chicago. You'll grow a lot. Tl;dr: I would choose to attend CS at UIUC. For some reason, I hadn't seriously considered NU until recently, so I haven't been building any kind of relationship with the school over the years. She also holds another title: Mom. Location and weather: NU is pretty cold and gloomy in winter but it is near Chicago. They are all similar in general so maybe consider these factors when choosing among Penn, Duke, and NU. The Northwestern Wildcats men’s basketball team followed up their upset of the No. Oh. I came into Northwestern with a singular idea of what I wanted - and at the time, Northwestern was perfect for that purpose. Northwestern Pros: - top 20 - perfect location - I … Feel free to DM me with specific questions! I am pursuing Neuroscience in Arts and Science. You'll be part of the wildest college sports stories around. Do you regret it? 4 Michigan State Spartans with a hard-fought win … Midterms feel like they're every week and finals always feel like they're around the bend. Sometimes, even with 8000 other undergrads, you'll probably feel alone. Why shouldn't you come to NU? Thank you for the detailed answer. I was fortunate to have a truly diverse (~60/40 guy/girl ratio…not bad) & social cohort, a lot of whom I still keep in touch with. Learn more. But I certainly wouldn't trade my NU experience for anything. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. I know you switched from film, but how was the film major? Researching the school provides limited insight. It's a bit of a cult at first (most of the others I met early on especially my freshman year) were very confused by my main friend group. :). But ultimately, some of my friends were definitely as close as family and there are lots of interesting people at NU. Thank you for requesting my answer. My experience at Northwestern has been amazing. Academic calendar: I am not a big fan of quarter system and I don't think I will ever get used to it. I chose it bc academic flexibility. SHARES. As a person with a 2.9 undergrad GPA in a non-science field who is now a first year in a soon-to-be funded MSCS program and who has plans to apply for a PhD in next year's cycle, I'm just gonna go ahead and say to the people reading this with frowns on your faces that there's no wrong way to eat a Recees. Quarter system moves fast, grades are less inflated than many other top schools, and people are usually involved in way too much. Have I been getting scammed, More posts from the Northwestern community. You'll meet people from a ton of different countries, religions, races, ideologies, and interests. The only thing I might say is that even though quarter system allows for flexibility, it’s lowkey kind of overwhelming. the ones you usually interact with) are often amazing and try to help, but admins and higher up people will just act helpful but not actually get anything done. Doing classes, working out, (lowkey drinking and smoking), and hanging out with friends on the lakefill is one of Life’s greatest pleasures. Also, the staff at NU was positive and encouraging and I would know because with my changes in major and experience with clubs - I worked with many of them. I really do not know why, but even though I have never visited, I've always felt a strong attraction to Northwestern. Stressful? I don't think that could be said for many other schools; Northwestern is a place that is strong all-around and I think in cases where you need optionality that's so valuable. I'm from the east coast and cost is pretty much the same for all them. Northwestern University is an excellent choice for college, but can you easily explain just why you want to go there? If you are a go-getter and you are enthusiastic, there are tremendous opportunities available. r/Northwestern: This is the subreddit for all things Northwestern. How to Apply. The administration really does not give too many shits about undergrads. I am more concerned about world rep, which I know seems silly, but is something I greatly consider. Northwestern is decently stressful. If business, only Penn offers an undergrad business degree even though NU offers a certificate program and MMSS. A lot of commenters have mentioned my pros (beautiful campus, proximity to Chicago), but I want to emphasize that I really, really enjoyed the quarter system. It really depends on the person, in this case, you. Hey guys, I'm an incoming senior in high school and I'm thinking about applying here. I think the beauty of Northwestern lies within the academic rigor. by Marc Berman January 1, 2021, 12:20 pm. edit: on Penn vs. NU, also had that consideration while applying but ultimately put NU on my list and not Penn because of the quarter system at NU :). I don't think that could be said for many other schools; Northwestern is a place that is strong all-around and I think in cases where you need optionality that's so valuable. 4 Ohio State Buckeyes (5-0) and the No. i like to do stuff at the last minute. Kellogg Future Leaders is a deferred MBA program for undergraduate seniors and masters students interested in securing a spot in a future Kellogg MBA class. Also I felt more intellectual elitism in law school than I ever did at NU - at NU I loved studying with others, but law school not so much. Also everyone’s so sociable and friendly. Also, I would prefer to be in a big city like NYC or Chicago, but at the end of the day, prestige > location for me. NU provides endless support and assistance should you need it and all you have to do is ask. View Northwestern University rankings for 2021 and see where it ranks among top colleges in the U.S. I'll take the hectic, fast-paced nature of the quarter system any day over a slow semester system. Northwestern is decently stressful. cons: quarter system means more finals. I also have a really big community in my workplace. I'm a transfer. That's not always true, but more often than not, other than my best friends, people wouldn't really make time to hang out unless it was for food, studying, or a meeting. Learn about Northwestern Mutual culture, salaries, benefits, work-life balance, management, job security, and more. Yeah "slow semester system" is something I am trying to avoid. Duke and Penn must have their own unique programs. Overall I’m happy to be a wildcat!! I have the right ACT and GPA to make it in (75th percentile), so does that just leave me with the "Why NU?" also your spring break/summer break won’t completely align with your semester friends. 14 Northwestern Wildcats (6-1) will clash in the Big Ten Championship at Lucas Oil Stadium Saturday. pros: flexibility, close to chicago, I don’t totally hate the weather, everyone is super supportive!! I was just asking about the feel of whole college, bc I'm deciding before Cornell and Northwestern. i have a question about this lmaooo. How to Apply. They see bright-eyed and hopeful students who have worked hard and who are on the path to their goals, and there they are sitting in a room reading soppy PS after soppy PS. I think in hindsight the best part about Northwestern was the fact that the flexibility increased optionality as well. An interview can provide the admission committee with additional perspective about your potential fit for Northwestern, and allow you to learn more about Northwestern in the process.That said, an interview is not a required part of your Northwestern application. Learn more. Sorry, I know this wasn't the main point of your comment, but I have a question about that. I am currently choosing where to apply ED. Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences The Judd A. and Marjorie Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences is the oldest and largest school at Northwestern. From my experience, the people are very nice, personable, and helpful, but the work is very much a networking grind and sales. You must be a great student if you're considering NU and the potential stress of NU should not be a deterrent at all. It’s so easy to double major, hell, even triple major if you’re ambitious. If you're planning to apply to Northwestern, you'll need to submit a "Why Northwestern" essay—a supplemental statement that describes why you've chosen to apply to this school and what you think Northwestern can offer you in terms of your future goals. Auburn (6-4) has lost to three top-five teams this season. Whether you're an alum, student, prospie, or generally interested in the 'Cats, welcome! The lakefill. Ryan Day discusses Northwestern's experience at linebacker, looks back at his "must-get" recruits, praises the team's Big Ten honorees, and more. My college GPA before transferring was a 3.9X. I might have factored this into my decision more but generally everyone gets used to it, it’s just another way of learning.

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