first alert kitchen fire extinguisher

It is designed to fight flammable liquid and electrical fires. This First Alert home fire extinguisher includes easy to follow, 4-step instructions right on extinguisher. First Alert Kitchen Fire Extinguisher UL Rated 5-B:C (White) - KITCHEN5. It comes included with a secure mounting bracket and strap for secure placement of the extinguisher. Features The 5-B:C rated kitchen fire extinguishers is designed for kitchen placement. Shop fire extinguishers and a variety of electrical products online at Kitchen and cooking fire protection. First Alert 1038789 Standard Home Fire Extinguisher, Red $28.15. Pack Size. A 5-B:C extinguisher could handle a 12.5 square foot fire of either flammable liquid or electrical origin. Download 58 First Alert Fire Extinguisher PDF manuals. Buy the Twin Pack and Save! 10-year limited warranty. ... first alert fire extinguisher kidde fire extinguisher fire blanket 3 fire extinguishers white fire extinguishers. First alert offers ABC and BC class extinguishers to best fit your needs. The spray discharges four times longer than regular extinguishers, helping ensure that nothing reignites. This is not the recommended way to check your fire extinguisher. This product is small enough to fit in a cabinet or use mounting cap to place on the wall. Ships from and sold by Pro Hardware. Metal pull pin with safety seal to help prevent accidental discharge and discourage tampering. The different types of fires include ordinary combustibles, flammable liquids and electrical fires. $12.55 shipping. Q: Is it … Durable metal head. Fire extinguishers can help save lives and property. It can be difficult to determine if a fire extinguisher is safe, but a common indicator is the pressure gauge. Fighting Fire. When choosing the best fire extinguisher for your home, you should choose a multi-purpose extinguisher that can be used on all types of home fires. Shop first alert residential fire extinguisher in the fire extinguishers section of If you do need to use a fire extinguisher, follow the P.A.S.S. How to Dispose of a Fire Extinguisher. Kitchen Fire Extinguisher The First Alert Tundra Portable Fire Extinguisher discharges 4 times longer than a traditional fire extinguisher, providing 32 seconds of firefighting time Light aerosol can is easy to hold, carry, and use; ideal for kitchen, garage, boat, RV, dorm, and more Extinguishes paper, fabric, wood, grease, and electrical fires Sold alone or in a two-pack, the 14-ounce Tundra extinguishers look similar to large cans of bug spray and weigh 22 ounces each. First Alert began in 1958, when three friends set out to create a commercial smoke alarm. Find First Alert fire extinguishers at Lowe's today. The First Alert is the all-metal fire extinguisher, which is definitely the best choice for a kitchen. If any amount is discharged, the unit should be replaced. These kitchen fire extinguishers are perfect for fires fueled by flammable liquids and electrical fires, with features such as: Small size suitable for cabinet storage or wall mounting. The KITCHEN5 fire extinguisher is ideal for use in the kitchen, is lightweight and can be recharged by a certified professional when used. If it is a First Alert Fire Extinguisher and it is still under warranty, contact our Support Team for warranty service. The Mini Firefighter is for carrying along. technique: Pull, Aim, Squeeze, Sweep. Class A:B:C - Multiple Use. Kidde 1-A:10-B:C Recreation and 10-BC Kitchen Fire Extinguisher (2-Pack) Shop this Collection (253) Model# 21029311 $ 34 97 ($ 17.49 /unit) Extinguisher Class. You can purchase a home fire extinguisher for your car, garage, workshop, boat, or recreational vehicle, as well. In the six decades since, we have continued to create innovative products, from the first residential smoke alarm to the first battery operated carbon monoxide alarm. Fire extinguishers can help save lives and property. Traditional fire extinguishers can be bulky and hard to use. First Alert offers fire extinguishers for your home or business, in several sizes and types, because having a fire extinguisher on hand can be the difference between minimal damage and a huge catastrophe. Ships from and sold by TandHProducts. 2. The color-coded gauge is easy-to-read, corrosion-resistant, and provides accurate measurement. $7.40 shipping. Anyone who wants an easy-to-use aerosol fire extinguisher should check out First Alert Tundra, reviewers say. Chemical resistant & waterproof label with easy to follow 4-step instructions won’t deteriorate. The fire safety technician will also conduct hydrostatic testing to measure the integrity of the fire extinguisher’s cylinder. In Stock. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for First Alert Fire Extinguisher | Kitchen Value Pack, Tundra Fire Extinguishing Aerosol Spray, Pack of 2, AF400-2 at First Alert Kitchen Fire Extinguisher UL Rated 5-B:C, White Brand New w/ Mount. First Alert has been protecting homes and families since 1958 First Alert began in 1958, when three friends set out to create a commercial smoke alarm. If you’re a business looking for the best commercial fire extinguishers, First Alert has fire extinguishers that will serve your needs. Carbon monoxide alarms can be placed … Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. My husband quickly popped it out of its holder & sprayed it into the dryer, fire went out quickly. The recommended way to test fire extinguishers with the pressure pin on top is to press in the pin. An appropriately rated commercial fire extinguisher should be clearly visible and accessible, mounted on a wall next to an exit.

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